I pay for a nice online conference solution and I don’t use it enough.

I also have a ton of friends in tech. There’s a bunch of infra people, developers, designers and product people — so a really wide swath of the product landscape. Everyone is an SME at this point, some many times over. They’re all over the US and the world. At some time or another I’ve spent long days or nights with each friend, just talking about tech, about products, about the future.

Anyway, as the year wear one, everyone’s gone corporate and gotten so busy that random spare time doesn’t happen anymore.

Why not just get the whole bunch together to continue that as a scheduled thing, once a week, just put on the headset and drop an opinion? I really think the result would be podcast-worthy. I’m a believer you don’t have to be a Top Ten Influencer to have a great idea or opinion. Maybe we hold a couple to try this out:

That feels so sold school with the timezones there. But we can’t possibly have run out of things to talk about!