So, I’ve finally published a book, an achievement I’ve had on my list since I was five years old! However, the circumstances and process weren’t anything like I imagined.

First, the book is called “Ledger of Purpose” and is the second book in a professional development series my friend started five years ago, called “Perceiving Purpose.” In short, it’s a framework you can use to figure out your purpose in life and how to live every day in observation of that purpose. “Ledger” lets you plan for yourself each week within the purpose you have discovered. Here is a snippet from the book to give you a taste of what it’s about:

“The road of personal discovery is life-long.Ledger of Purpose Book Cover Simmering one’s purpose down to a concise, meaningful statement has been a pursuit of humans from the beginning of recorded time. People who lived thousands of years before you were born managed to distill their thoughts into a few choice statements – without the benefit of computers or smartphones or calculators or digital watches.

“This underlines the timelessness of finding your purpose. It emphasizes hard work done with a pen, paper, and deep thought, just as it has been for millennia…part planner, part devotional, and part cognitive journal, it is designed to help you continue to refine the process of living your purpose.”

He needed an editor for the second edition, and we decided it needed a companion volume. We also encountered a fan of the original work, a life expert who would write the Foreword for the second edition of his book. He wrote the Foreword for mine.

So I went through the long process of editing the first edition, writing my companion volume, and then the hard part: all the things you need to do to get a book (self) published. Not only did I learn about Kindle Direct Publishing and all the Amazon machinery, but I also did the covers, ISBN filings, interior book designs, format layouts, e-book conversion, Library of Congress filings, and Copyright registration.

Having done this once, I’m excited to repeat the feat with another manuscript soon.

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