Reality is bending. People’s historic boundaries are shifting. Comfort zones have evaporated and people have to discover new ones. The pandemic and everything that’s come after has started to alter the way we interact with our assumptions of the world, our own spaces, and others.

The nature of work, of home, of digital goods, health, wealth, social — everything is in a transition. And it’s not done changing yet.

Stay-at-home keeps people apart. We wonder which letter the recovery will look like. You find retail investors fighting Wall Street. Civil unrest from the left and the right. The one common element is there’s no status quo. Everything seems to be in play.

Work isn’t the same. Home isn’t the same. Nothing is the same. This discomfort makes some squirm and makes others think: what goes in this new space?

This is the origin of change. This is where entirely new things appear, in that heretofore liminal space. We see ideas in places we assumed were off limits, and differences in things we assumed were unchanging. The barriers are all down.

What life-changing twist on pre-2020 life is around the corner? How many ideas on the shelf will have their time arrive? Who will stumble on the next big thing while trying to make it through the day?

Pay attention! Look close. It could be right in front of you.