Thanksgiving 2020 needed a different kind of communication than the standard CEO script. Here’s what I sent as people were looking at lonely holidays:

I wanted to reach out with a few words here on Thanksgiving Eve. It’s been a particularly difficult year on us both personally and professionally. Despite that, I’m very proud of the great work you’ve each done, the progress we’ve made in 2020, and what’s on deck for 2021.

Many of us have scaled back family plans for Thanksgiving; as a country, our collective choices this week will determine how the rest of 2020 looks. While the sacrifice of my own family traditions may be uncomfortable, I know there are countless first responders for whom there will be no long breaks, no big holidays, no visits with family, until this is over. I am keeping them first in my thoughts as our table of 20 has become a table of 3.

Thanksgiving is about so many traditions – not just one meal but the beginning of a season of charity, gratitude, and quite a bit of football. There are still so many ways to reach out – for better or for worse, the pandemic taught us there are always new ways to interact, new solutions to our old problems, and even some new traditions to build. We adapt, and we continue to find grace even in adversity.

No matter how big or small you’ve chosen to celebrate at your table, I wish each of you and your families a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!