Who Is This Guy?

Other people do crosswords for fun…I write AI apps in my spare time. I’m a father, a writer, an engineer, and an incorrigible tinkerer. I love building new things.

The career short story: I was Editor-In-Chief of the first Web magazine, and then started an NYC software development firm serving the Fortune 500. Eventually, I went to work for one of those big companies but never forgot my start-up roots. Somewhere in there I had a morning drive-time radio show.

Back in 1995 I made a bunch of bets about exactly what technology would look like in 2010, and I was mostly right. The question is, was I lucky, clairvoyant, or something else?

I have a formula, and it’s worked wonders for me because it helps me find the correct answer just about every time. But the secret sauce will be staying that way for now, keep the mystery alive.

And that’s been my reputation — an innovator — as a startup CEO, as a consultant, and as a manager in a big Enterprise tech operation. “When you can’t figure it out, call him.”

I’ve had three acts in my career so far. The first was starting up a company right out of college,  my own software firm. The second was working for some of the biggest names in the Enterprise world, where I learned the ropes of regulation and compliance. The most recent was in the healthcare sector, where I led smaller companies with big impacts.

Being a CEO during a pandemic was a trial by fire. It tested my mettle and my vision. After that, I took a well-deserved break. I didn’t just relax, though. I wrote three books, mentored three promising start-ups, and traveled around the world with my family. I checked off more than a few items on my bucket list but then I added a bunch more. Maybe the list is pointless.

But now, in 2023, I’m ready for the third act. I have a new perspective on work and life. I know how to run a lean and mean operation and deliver results that matter. I’m not afraid to learn new skills, explore new domains, or challenge the status quo. I love to create and innovate. You can see some of my quirky product designs and business advice on my blog. They may make you smile, but they work.

The real magic, though, is in scaling that vision. I enjoy leading a diverse and talented team and pushing them to go beyond their limits. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing people use and love your product and make their lives better. That’s what drives me.

Picture of Frank Sikernitsky

Great, Another Blog...

What is This All About?

First things first: I’m not blogging for money so I won’t bend over backwards to make everyone happy.

For years I’ve been writing ideas in a little book, and realized they’ll never get anywhere if I hide them. There’s too much I want to say, try out, workshop, and share to do it in secret.

You get better at writing by writing more, so I’m setting a goal of one really solid ‘feature’ per week plus any number of fun pieces in between.

So, there will be a mix of articles ranging from been-there start-up advice to insanity like installing smart toasters in the cloud. I’ll also include some purely creative pieces — I like doing visual stuff so almost every illustration, chart, mock-up, photo, and video you see here is my own.

In the end I hope it’s a reflection of me, and that you enjoy it. As always, get in touch if you have something to say.


Past Clients, Startups, Products and Employers

Here’s a selected list of companies I’ve done work for (or in a few cases founded). Certain current engagements are not listed observing confidentiality agreements and such. If you want details, just contact me.


Ink from the Past

Most of these are pretty old ink, but leading a cover story in a national magazine is leading a cover story in a national magazine. More will follow, and I’ll get these linked sooner or later.