Who Is This Guy?

I'm Frank and I'm an engineer. I've also been a startup Founder, a startup janitor, enterprise IT guy, inventor, bank Officer, magazine Editor-in-Chief, and for a little while a Morning Drive-Time radio personality. I'm also a father which is much more interesting than all that.
I'm basically workshopping my material on you. This site is where I write about inventions, dole out business advice, share recipes, and Photoshop a ton of fun stuff. You're probably here because you know me personally but if not, drop me a line.

Every Word Between Yes and No is BS Chart

Every Word Between Yes and No is BS

I’ve always wanted an eponymous law, so I give you Sikernitsky's Razor, or as I prefer, Frank's Sledgehammer.

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Code On the Screen, Artificial Intelligence

Auto-Correct Was the Beginning of the End of Free Will

Maybe at some point we are eaten by blobs of grey goo that then figure out how to circumvent the laws of thermodynamics and go on to destroy the Universe. Yay us.

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The Goto Logo Card

The Goto

Getting everyone to join up because I pay for a conference service...

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Frank's Old Site

Where Did Your Old “Cards” Site Go?

My old JavaScript spring-loaded card-based site was a hit but didn't work great for story based content. After 5 years I had to retire it...but it still lives on...

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Top 20 Movie Madness Card

Top 20 Movie Madness Game

Here's my contribution to the hard-core pub trivia scene...

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Frank As Steve

My Accidentally Amazing Halloween

A tale of cardboard, celebrity, and the child-like sense of wonder, 30 years after the fact...

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