Short Version: I made myself into an AI agent just for job interviews. Try this out and tell me what you think:

Long version: I’ve been frustrated by how broken the talent acquisition process has become, so I created this demo not only to help my own search, but demonstrate where new AI technologies can fit in.

I trained it with my job interview responses so that the AI could give answers specific to my experience. This amount of material is far in excess of what even the most arduous interview process can achieve and poses fascinating questions for the future of talent acquisition. It was entirely multimodal input, including:

  • 200 interview questions
  • 34 hours of meeting video (I interviewed myself on Zoom with the transcript turned on),
  • dozens of documents, spreadsheets and PowerPoint decks (necessary evil there)

While the AI properly uses my experience and answers, it still sometimes sounds dry and corporate — but that’s an asset when doing corporate communication. But I have been impressed at how, when properly configured, it makes cogent and detailed answers that are still 100% my theories, styles, and stories.

Please note that I redacted all the company, brand, and personal names in the interviews. I did this for two reasons: one, it just felt like the right thing to do. Having too specific an information store out there could pose a risk I can’t foresee. Oddly, though, I had a friend try to corner it on specifics, and the AI admitted that I had worked X or Y place. I believe this is because the AI is aware of public info from the Web, and it used that in lieu of me providing anything in my training materials.

Originally, I hosted the ‘AI Me’ interface on my own server, using custom embeddings and API calls to OpenAI. Unfortunately, the demand for interviews became so high and the API cost so expensive that I had to find another way. Originally an OpenAI GPT, I also made it available via Poe so that people could try it without paying for a subscription:

Try me on Poe: